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You can order sildenafil online from trusted pharmacies that have proven themselves for years. You just need to know where to look. I have been ordering sildenafil online for the past three years. I will share my experience and research with you to help you make an informed, responsible decision before ordering sildenafil online. When you start researching generic pharmacies online, you’ll see that most websites are gateways to the 3-4 main generic pharmacy websites online.

I’ve ordered from 4rx.com, which is by far and away the largest and most trusted generic pharmacies online. Each pharmacy has been in business online for over 5 years. Each has it’s pros and cons and each customer values different qualities when deciding which pharmacy from which they will place an order. Based on a few of the most important criteria to me, I have rated 4rx.com the #1 online pharmacy for ordering Sildenafil.

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1) Authenticity – 4rx.com guarantees that all Sildenafil is supplied by manufacturers meeting this criteria.

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Discreet Packaging

All packages shipped from 4rx.com have anonymous labeling. No one will know that who the package is from or what is in the package. Your entire order is safe, secure and anonymous.

The Positive Impact of Exercise

Sildenafil is an effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. In some cases ED can be positively impacted by exercise. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting as much as 20% of men under the age of 40, and 60% over the age of 70. The condition can actually be caused by many things, from mental issues to physical ones. Thankfully, there are a variety of options to successfully treat erectile dysfunction from medications to surgery. The most commonly prescribed medication to treat erectile dysfunction currently is Sildenafil, more commonly referred to as Viagra®. It’s important to speak with your doctor about the best treatment for you, but if you opt to try an erectile dysfunction medication, you can actually order Sildenafil online at steeply discounted prices.

You can also opt for a more natural route in treating your erectile dysfunction. Exercise for impotence doesn’t always work for all men, but they can be a great help in conjunction with another form of treatment.

The best exercise for impotence is known as the pelvic floor exercise, also known as kegals. Many men don’t realize how important strengthening this muscle is to sexual function. The exercise is essentially tightening the pelvic floor muscles- the feeling of trying to stop the flow of urine. You should tighten the muscle as much as possible and hold for 8-10 seconds with a 10 second rest in between. This exercise can be done while sitting, lying, or even walking. The research is actually very positive; up to 40% of men regained normal erections after performing the exercise for 3-6 months and 35% of men were able to strengthen their rigidity.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be disappointed if exercises don’t work for you. Erectile dysfunction can be the cause of many things. The easiest, most dependable and effective treatment is still a medication such as Sildenafil, which works for 70% of men. You can actually order generic Sildenafil online at pharmacies such as 4rx.com.

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